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04 June 2019
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04 June 2019
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04 June 2019
Suspendisse at libero porttitor nisi aliquet vulputate vitae at velit. Aliquam eget arcu magna, vel ...
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Yt Framework Template is using:

1. Modules:

2. Plugins

  • Yt Plugin

Yt Framework uses xml file to render your layout. The framework supports all general features of a joomla template. The below is the list of features:

  • Multiple Layouts: Left-Main-Right, Left-Main, Main-Right, etc. With xml file, you can easy to create some layouts for a joomla template
  • Mobile Ready
  • Table-less Layout
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Modules Types
  • Cross-browser Support
  • Typography
  • Validation
  • Template Parameters
  • Google Font
  • Font Size
  • RTL language support

Enter any available suffixes at Extensions - Module Manager - Module - Module Class Suffix.

This template's module system comes with a wide range of module styles, color variations, badges and icons. Below you can see which module styles come with color variations and with which badges and icons you can combine them.Here is a list of the available options:

Styles-menu _menu
News news1, news2, news3, news4
Icons icon1, icon2, icon3, icon4, icon5
Badges Badge-hot, Badge-new, Badge-cool, Badge-top

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This Joomla! template supports a wide variety of module positions which can be archived automatically by the system.The module positions are fully collapsible mean that if there are no modules published in particular position, this module position will disappear and the other modules with take this place. Also you can have 2-Columns layout (content, left or right)

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