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  • SlideShow III
    02 January 2012
    From the success of Ytc Content SlideShow module, Yt Content SlideShow II module, today
    1256 hits
  • Slide Show II
    02 January 2012
    Are you looking for a professional module for your site? We have just released a
    990 hits
  • Portfolio with Content
    02 January 2012
    Yt Portfolio with Content allows you to arrange your products, services and present these
    887 hits
  • New Ajax Tabs
    02 January 2012
    As Yt K2 Ajax Tabs Module and Yt VirtueMart Ajax Tabs Module, today, i am pleased to
    960 hits
  • Mega Slider
    02 January 2012
    Today, we are glad to announce the Yt Content Mega Slider has been released. With many
    1091 hits
  • JComment
    02 January 2012
    Yt JComment allows you to show the latest comment from articles in JComment Component. We
    886 hits
  • Mega News II
    02 January 2012
    A re you owning a news online site, an e-commerce site, a social news site or a private
    924 hits
  • Mega Menu
    02 January 2012
    Nowaday, there are many websites use many styles of displaying for menus. With Yt Mega
    887 hits
  • Cool Accordion
    02 January 2012
    Y t Cool Accordion is created for content component and you can easily use this module
    858 hits
  • Content Category
    02 January 2012
    Yt Content Category is a module to show all sections, categories in Content Component.
    762 hits
  • Category Summary
    02 January 2012
    Yt Category Summary for Content Component helps you to show your services to customers
    865 hits
  • Category Showcase
    02 January 2012
    Are you looking for a great module which can show category and articles as showcase?
    777 hits

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Joomla! 1.6 continues development of the Joomla Framework and CMS as a powerful and flexible way to bring your vision of the web to reality. With the administrator now fully MVC, the ability to control its look and the management of extensions is now complete.

Working with multiple template styles and overrides for the same views, creating the design you want is easier than it has ever been. Limiting support to PHP 5.2.4 and above and ending legacy support for Joomla 1.0 extensions makes Joomla! lighter and faster than ever. Languages files can now be overridden without having your changes lost during an upgrade.  With the proper xml your users update extensions with a single click.

Access control lists are now incorporated using a new system developed for Joomla!. The ACL system is designed with developers in mind, so it is easy to incorporate into your extensions. The new nested sets libraries allow you to incorporate infinitely deep categories but also to use nested sets in a variety of other ways.

A new forms library makes creating all kinds of user interaction simple. MooTools 1.3 provides a highly flexible javascript framework that is a major advance over MooTools 1.0.

New events throughout the core make integration of your plugins where you want them a snap.

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